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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Men Adore In Women

Responsible: A responsible woman is one who sees opportunities of service and responds to them quickly. Within her lies the ability to turn stumbling blocks to stepping stones. She is a great asset to her man because responsibility is a vital ingredient to a successful life. She is reliable and can be trusted with information, assignments etc. A responsible woman is efficient and effective; she sees a need as an opportunity to serve and sets out to meet that need! Her man is not perplexed with the load of family responsibilities for he has a help-mate. She is a good definition of two good heads are better than one.

Goal Oriented and Principled: This is a woman that is focused, has her eyes fixed on a destination and nothing deters her from reaching the goal. This woman knows her mind is the major capital she needs to venture in any endeavour so she works on her mind – feeds her mind with the right materials and heads for the top. She is not gullible or easily taken in rather she is ethical, coordinated and well-acquainted with things that has to do with her dreams and goals. She doesn’t run around aimlessly, she always aims well and hits her target timely. She works gently but steadily and so arrives always at the stipulated time.

Accommodating and Considerate: Here is a friendly, considerate, co-operative and generous woman. She is not selfish, even in “bedmatics“, she thinks of her partner’s feeling and satisfaction first. She is attentive to his needs, amiable, benevolent and pleasant to be with. She doesn’t create excuses for failing in her duties rather she is always handy and quick to apologize and make amends where she missed it. She is not ruffled by her man’s impromptu decisions or actions because within her she has made room to accommodate them before they occur.

Romantic and Sensual: Her dressing is clean, modest and beautiful. She understands men are moved by what they see but this doesn’t drive her to nudity or immodest dressing. She is a complete woman! She satisfies the sensual and emotional needs of her man. She knows which keys to play for her man in the bedroom to get him reeling with laughter, joy, excitement and satisfaction. She is all round beautiful and trustworthy. She is honest, submissive and has good sense of humour; she knows her man is not looking for a mother, an aunty or elder sister rather a soul mate, helpmate and a friend. She incorporates all these roles but exhibits that of friendship and soul mate to her man. In her, he finds the services and input of a mother, sister and an aunty; yet she is his wife, friend, lover and confidante.

Pick Right Partner

However, it will be very suicidal if you master that courage to propose and your proposal is turned down. Can you imagine how you will really feel when you do not succeed? You only have to keep on trying until you succeed.

The question is, how will you know whether the one you have chosen is your right partner; whether they really love you? Real love is a natural feeling which develops as time goes on, but the one who loves you will always express his or her concern for you. They will be ready to die for you, to share your difficult or joyful moment with you.

In this case, choosing the right partner will depend on the criteria you set in judging anybody that comes into your life. When you are very ambitious and set a high standard for yourself, you have to work at it. You know what you really want, so you don’t have to give up when your first attempt is turned down. You have to keep on trying until you finally grab your taste. You don’t have to settle down with anybody that comes your way, even when you are desperately in need, try to control your feelings and allow time to work it out for you.

However, you can also look at the bits and pieces of your previous relationship and use them as a way of setting standard for your new catch. Some people turn to ignore some nice guys or pretty ladies around their area and go out there looking for Mr or Mrs right outside their community. The guy who is very familiar with you, nice, sincere and smiles at you may be the right person to fall in love with, But how will you know; unless you make the move and propose to the person. Even when no one is coming forward, you have to go out there and propose to anyone that meets your prescription but you will actually face rejections. Rejections are not the end of the world,so when you are turned down, just go ahead, and you might succeed the next time around.

You can also use following strategies when selecting your right partner, but it will depend upon your effort in making your choice.

You really have to examine yourself first and know exactly what you really want. But most at times, your wants may be different from your choice.

Set a standard or criteria for the type of person you want to choose as a partner and work at it vigorously.

Do not forget to realize that it is not easy or it may not come to you automatically. So you have to go and look for it until you finally grab it.

Rejections are inevitable and you must be prepared for it. This should not discourage you but you must endeavour to pursue further and have the positive feeling that, you will succeed.

Show love and kindness to anyone you get into contact with, and this will open new doors for you to receive the same kind of love in return. So the possibility of facing rejection may not be frequent. However, it hurts when you do not receive the same love back, but all the same, you have to take the risk and think positively for a big catch. After you have got your right partner, you have to work very hard to sustain the relationship and allow it to work very well.

You must look at the threat in the relationship and not the blanket figure of the person you are walking with. The outward appearance of the person may lure you into the relationship, but that is not all; look out for the inner world or the character of your partner and be sure that you have finally chosen your heartÂ’s desire.

All about Heart of Compassion

Learn about a part of the world you previously had no idea about. Find a part in their existence where they are less fortunate than you. Pray God fuse that in your mind and watch how the Spirit works.

Where another has an issue with you, go to them, and make peace.

Reverse your understanding. Stand in the other person’s shoes. Go deliberately against your feelings. Stay there for a time. Watch your heart soften.

Using your will, forgive someone you have loathed for some time. Forgive an act using your simple ability to decide.

Imagine some of the ways you’ve hurt God, and quietly recount these before him in prayer. Feel your heart heal in the process.

Notice the person you’ve favoured. Notice the person you’ve dissed. Notice how partiality has coloured your perspective away from compassion.

Go to a museum or take a history course or watch a history documentary on YouTube. Enjoy feeling smaller than you normally feel. Enjoy with gratitude the simple nature of being alive on the cusp of time.

Give someone your fullest attention, and keep doing so.

Make a study of God’s grace. Learn something new about what you may already know well.

Women Fear Intimacy


If one is aware of their fear of intimacy, it is not going to be much of a surprise if they attract someone who is unavailable. They will know that they are a reflection of them, and there is then going to be less chance of them blaming the other person.

When one is not aware of their fear of intimacy, it can be even harder for them to handle another person who is unavailable. This can then be taken as another sign that they are never going to have what they need and they can feel as though the world is against them.


Yet, this is not to say that they won’t attract people who are available; but when this happens, there are going to be other reasons why they are not ‘compatible’. They may say that they are not their type or they may meet them whilst they are on holiday, for instance.

In this case, they are a good match but they live too far away, and while they may be happy to travel to see them, it is not going to match up with what they need. Having said that, there is also the chance that the distance is not a problem and this may be what feels comfortable, at least for a while.


As they look back on their life, they may see that they have been in a number of intimate relationships. If they take a closer look, they may see that these relationships lasted for a certain amount of time and there may have been a pattern when it comes to why they came to an end.

Perhaps they felt as though the other person wasn’t a suitable or that they changed their mind and no longer wanted to settle down. The other person may have started to pull away just as their relationship was starting to go in the right direction.


Through being in an intimate relationship and having what they say they want, they may find it hard to understand why part of them wants to go with others. In the beginning, they say they want one thing, and after getting what they want, they say they want the complete opposite.

This doesn’t mean they will leave the relationships though, as it could cause them to hold onto their relationship and to go with others at the same time. When this happens, their need to expedience security is being fulfilled on the one side and their need to experience ‘freedom’ is being fulfilled on the other.